Saturday, November 28, 2015

I dont know how to explain things.

One word.

I miss the way u text me.

I miss all our conversation.

Our relationship was hanging like that.


Once, before. I tried to express my feeling towards u. 

But, the answer was negative.

Since that, i told myself..just forget about him and give up on him.

I took some time and space just being far from u.

But, then..suddenly my heart just cant accept that. 

Once again, i approached u. As a friend.

Then, we had chatting and all the conversation about our life, works. Almost everyday. But, never toward that one, the relationship.

I thought, yes..maybe u just want to be friends with me. 

I can accept that.

But, being a girl..who want to be loved. My heart want more than that. 

Then, i slowly take a step back. Steps by steps far from u.

I realized, u never bothered about my existence. 

Then, with that i came to the conclusion. Yes, u are not interested at me at all.

I took a few months to conclude this. 

Here i am. 

Concluded what was happening.

Thanks for being my friends. Thanks for being a really really great friend to me. 

Fifi. 8.00pm-28/11/2015

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