Saturday, November 12, 2011

now, it's time to let u go!

just go!
if it is better for us.

i'm..just dunno.
just go!

u give a lot of wonderful memories to me.
and now..
u make my life miserable!

just go!

now, i'll be pretend that
there's nothing happened between us before.
and..we're just friend.
just friend from the start till now.
nothing seems to be changed.

just go!

u seems to be liked to play hide-and-seek.
and now, u're going to be REALLY HARD TO FIND!

so, enjoy it!

p/s--> okay. i'm done! never ever comes back to my life again. because, u're just wasting ur time. #fullstop! #this is the ending of ourstory#  

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