Thursday, September 22, 2016



Harini dapat cuti(public holiday). Tapi useless holiday. Sebab terbongkang kat rumah. Sebab, dapat migraine. Sebab serabut. 

Last night tak boleh tido. Palpitation. After heard about the bad news. Nak breaking bad news pon agak-agak la. 

Last 2 days, dapat tahu pasal something ni; which is just after i had punched card to start working on that day (pm shift). Taknak cite bad news ape. At the moment, I got anxious, palpitation, SOB. Cant focus on working. 

For 2 days, tak boleh nk fokus keje. Had anxiety and palpitation. The worsen was last night. Cant even sleep at all. This morning had migraine. 

Currently, felt a lil bit okay. But, dunno. The headache still there despite of  Voltaran. I think need to go to clinic for injection. Or my head will burst. So annoyed.

Hate this feeling. 

Ya Allah, kuatkan lah hambaMu yang lemah ini. Amin.

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